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Dominique Bouchet is on the editorial board of Décisions Marketing Revue officielle de l’Association Française de Marketing. (The French Marketing Association’s journal for executives and researchers)

Dominique Bouchet is on the editorial board of Thesis Eleven. Critical Theory and Historical Sociology.

Dominique Bouchet is on the editorial board of the International Canadian Journal Gestion

Dominique Bouchet is on the editorial board of Consumption, Markets and Culture.
Dominique Bouchet is the book review editor of Consumption, Markets and Culture.

Dominique Bouchet is co-editor “Haefter for gaestfrihed”, Copenhagen, Denmark. (A Journal of political philosophy dealing with issues related to the European Union and integration problems within democratic states).

Dominique Bouchet is on the editorial board of La Création Sociale. Sociétés – Cultures – Imaginaires publication from the Centre de Sociologie des Représentations et des Pratiques Culturelles, Université Pierre Mendès-France, Grenoble, France.

Dominique Bouchet was the Chief Editor of PARADOKS (transdisciplinary scandinavian scientific journal).

Dominique Bouchet has been a member of the editorial board of LA LETTRE DU GROUPE SCIENCE CULTURE (transdisciplinary french scientific journal)


As been asked to evaluate American professors by four American Universities.

Is occasionally a member of the jury of evaluation for the employment and the giving of tenure as well as doctoral thesis in the following universities:

University of Southern Denmark (for the Social Sciences) (formerly “Odense University”) more than six times (among those 3 full professorship positions);

Odense University (for the Social Sciences and for the Humanities) more than twenty times;

Roskilde University (for the Social Sciences) more than six times;

Aalborg University (Social Sciences), more than seven times;

Copenhagen Business School (Handelshøjskolen i København), more than five times;

School of Engineering in Horsens (Eksportingeniøruddannelsen ved Ingeniørhøjskolen – Horsens Teknikum)

Ministery of Education;

Norwegian School of Management, Oslo;

Stockholm University, Sweden

Danish Council of Research in Sport and Physical Activities

Has served as a member of the jury of evaluation for the examination of students at graduate and postgraduate levels (MBA & Ph.D) in the Universities and Business Shools of Copenhagen, Roskilde, Århus and Aalborg as well as in ICHEC in Brussels and Norwegian Business School in Oslo.

Has been a judge for several competitions organized by universities, banks, communities, association or firms.

Member of the Programme Committee (and reviewer) of the ’92, ‘94 & ‘98 Conference of the European Marketing Academy (EMAC).

Program Chair for the first, second and third Conference on the Cultural Dimension of International Marketng, 1992, 1995 and 1997.

Occasional Reviewer for the Journal of Consumer Research, the International Journal of Research in Marketing, Culture, Markets and Consumption, Acta Sociologica, Journal of Business Research Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science, ’de la revue internationale canadienne’ Gestion and a few other journals.

Occasional Reviewer for ACR (Association of Consumer Research) conferences as well as for a few other conferences around the world.


Has taken initiative to organized the following colloquiums: When in Aalborg: 1978: The dynamics of society; 1979: Use and Abuse of Marx Thoughts: Analyses and Doctrines; 1980: Utopia and Modern Society. In Odense: 1982: The Paradigm of Complexity; 1983: Karl Marx Jubilæum; 1984: Crisis Theory, Theory in Crisis; 1985: Town Planning and Socialisation – Advertising and Socialisation; 1986: Complexity and Auto-organisation; Prevention of Crime and Public Policy; 1987: Science at a Turning Point; 1989: Perception of Economic Systems and Reorganization of Economic Tools. 1993: Marketing and Art. 1995: Markting et Postmodernité; Globalisation and Postmodernity. Confronting the American and the European Approaches; 1996: The Challenge of Complexity.

Co-organizer of a colloquium on “The French National Identity” held by the French academic authorities and the University of Copenhagen in Copenhagen in 1987.

Co-organizer of a conference on “Marketing et Postmodernité” held by the AFM (Association Française de Marketing) på Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris in 1995.

Organizer of the first and second colloquia on “The Cultural Dimension of International Marketing” held in Odense respectively in May 1992 and May 1995.

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Has presented papers at the following conferences:

USA: AMA Winter, ACR, MacroMarketing,


Rest of the world: ISMD Marketing & Development, ACR Asia-Pacific

Key note speaker at the following international conferences

ACR Asia Pacific July 1996

Marketing & Development 1997

EDAMBA 2nd Ph.D. supervisor’s Workshop 1998

The first Chinese-French Cross Cultural Conference: « Dialogue entre les cultures » Séminaire Interculturel Sino-Français de Canton 1998

100 Years Jubilee Scandinavian Conference on Sport Children and Youth 1998


Has taken initiative to invite the following researchers to Denmark and organized a research seminar for them to present their research to other researchers: 1979: Maximilien Rubel; 1980: Miguel Abensour; 1982: Edgar Morin; Margaret Manale; 1986: Jean Baudrillard; Yves Chalas; Mioara Mugur Schachter; Ilya Prigogine; 1987: Cornelius Castoriadis, Jacques Donzelot; Edgar Morin; 1988: Francisco Varela; Geneviève Calbris; 1990: John Sherry; 1991: George Fisk; Ronald Tuninga, Ugur Yucelt, Sidney Levy, Philip Kotler, Alladi Venkatesh, Deborah Ashley, Fuat Firat; 1992: Alladi Venkatesh, George Fisk, Saadi Lahlou, Claude Fischler, Erdener Kaynak, George Cheney; 1993: Alladi Venkatesh, George Cheney, Fuat Firat, Han Srinivasan; 1994: Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Romain Laufer, Annamma Joy, Ruby Dholakia, Nikhilesh Dholakia, Jean-Claude Usunier, Fuat Firat, Güliz Ger, Young Rak Choi, Robert Salais; 1995: Fuat Firat, Russ Belk, Richard Wilk, Stephen Cummings, Han Srinivasan, Suresh Subremian, Patrick Hetzel, 1996: Alladi Venkatesh, Russell Belk, Jean-Claude Usunier, Güliz Ger, Nikhilesh Dholakia, Eric Arnould, Cliff Shultz II, Edgar Morin, Ken Friedman. 1997: Linda Price, Eric Arnould, Alladi Venkatesh, Dominique Desjeux, Jean-Marie Floch, Alladi Venkatesh, Alain Drouard, Richard Wilk, Anne Pyburn. 1998: Karin Ekström, Nikhilesh Dholakia. 1999: Benoît Heilbrunn. 2000: Emilio Roger Ciurana; 2001: A. Fuat Firat, Romain Laufer, Raoul Motta, Rachid Amirou, Florentina Moreno Pelae, Evert Gummesson; 2002: Romain Laufer, Lisa Peñaloza ; 2003: Daniele Dalli; A. Fuat Firat, Romain Laufer; Christiane Peyron-Bonjan & Edgar Morin (cancelled in the last minute) 2004: Daniele Dalli; Nikhilesh Dholakia ; 2005.